The official Flevobike Fanclub Site



1. Sites of people who have built their own Flevo clone or have maltreated a factory Flevo severely:

enesMr Koot's plans to build a Flevobike with chain box.
deMartin and Uwe Anderseck: Their home made Flevos and a self made Flevo Tandem.
enJan Brandse: FlevoRacer and Knakker (self built Flevo-lowracer)
nlWillem Dijkstra: He made a reikshaw for his two kids on a Trike.
deFrank Hertstein: Building of his Flevobike with text and illustrations.
fienEsko Meriluoto: Hipparion: A self designed and evoluted trike based on the Flevo concept.
deOlaf Schultz: His self built FlevoBike version.
nlenErik Wannee: Self made FlevoBike and -Trike with several modifications.

2. Sites of users of factory-made FlevoBikes / -Trikes or -Racers:

enMark Hodson: Description of the Trike.
nlToni Cornelissen: General info about his Bike.
nlenFokke Buwalda: He describes his vintage Flevo: One of the oldest FlevoBikes.
enTamir Brouwer: Some pictures of his Bike and Trike.
nlFred Jan Kraan: General info about his Racer.
nlWillem Leeflang: General info about his Racer.
deUlrich Mertin: The Flevomaniac; Personal experiences of Ulrich and his beloved Flevo.
nlRobert Zandman: General info about his Racer.
nlSeveral experiences of Bike-users
nlSeveral experiences of Trike-users
nlSeveral experiences of Racer-users

3. Companies

nldeenFlevobike Technology: The original producer of the Flevobike
ennlLigfietsshop Tempelman: The former producer of Flevobikes/-trikes/-racers. They still offer spare/homebuilder parts.

4. Travelogues: People who made holidays or other journeys with a Flevo:

enReinder Rustema: He rode on his FlevoBike from Amsterdam to Paris.
nlBart and Mieke Ruisch made trips with Flevo's through all the world (Spain, France, Indonesia, Viet Nam)

5. Links to other sites about Flevos:

deWolfgang Bion: A summary of a German Recumbent bike mailinglist.
nlReinout van Rees: Learn how to ride on a FlevoBike.
deFlevonautik: Reasons to ride a FlevoBike.
nlHenk Zwols: History of the Flevobike company (article from HPV nieuws 14 (6) 1998: 9 -12).
deChat with Hermann Reglo about coordination and balance on the Flevo-bike / Airbike.